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Our Mission

Take advantage of all the services during your vacation in the center of Ialyssos.

Our 3 windsurfing centers provide you with the latest equipment on the market.

We offer you a free shuttle service to our kitesurf center in Kremasti, which is only a few minutes from Ialyssos.


Wing-Surf & Wind-Foil ready center!

Test and enjoy the new generation of flying over the water! 

The gear from Duotone and Fanatic as Gaastra and Tabou are ready for the rental.

Ours Centers

With more than 30 years of experience in the bay of Ialyssos, the Procenter will give you the magic of Holidays.

Our centers are located right on the water with a constant side shore wind giving access to every level.

Windsurf line


Discover our facilitys to give you
the best of your stay!

Find our 3 windsurfing centers in the hearth of Ialyssos, a pleasant aera where you will find all the comfort you need with with a seaside promenade overlooking the sunset as well as the shops, terrasses, Greek taverna’s and more.

Two of the centers are situate directly in the front of the hotel Blue Horizon and the third one is less then five minute walk on the beach.

In this third center the wind is less powerful in the bay, this provides attractive and reassuring conditions to offer you your first steps in the world of windsurfing, or to enjoy a quieter place.

The place

Windsurf action in Rhodes
Blue horizon amination
windsurf clinic

Our Priority is the services to our guest, our team is formated to give you the right information on the spot, to help you to enjoy our amazing sport and to give you the oportunity to progress during your stay.

Choosing the right equipment always been a challenge, have a chat with the team to help you in your decision.


on your arrival at the reception of one of our centers you will be warmly received, a little explanation of the place and you will tighten your feet in the straps!

surf beauty


For your security we have our Baywatch towers and 2 power boat on dutty at the centers ready to come to help you.

The condition in the bay of Ialyssos with a light on-shore courant and a side-shore wind giving you a safe session from beginners to advance surfer.

planche à voile
Windsurf in Greece

The Centers

Procenter 1

Our base provides a easy access to the sea right on the water with a side shore constant wind blowing from the left.

At this center you will find more than 170 recent boards from Fanatic and Tabou associated with more than 200 sails from Duotone of the year rigged with masts over 90% of carbon are ready to be used. A top equipment always renew.

Our team is always eager to assist you in finding the right gear, assist you during the rigging and perhaps to help you progressing. 

windsurf clinic
windsurf action

If you prefer to bring your own equipment to the center, we can offer you our SSP package, which covers storage, rescue, services and transport from / to the airport.

Tired from windsurfing or simply in a relaxed mood? A fresh water shower, a beach volley field, sun beds in a garden of hundred palm trees and the beautiful beach complete the center’s amenities.

JP center

The ProCenter 2 is our “high tech” center, equiped from JP Australia boards with NeilPryde and Severne sails, it is located on the left hand side of the Hotel Blue Horizon.

There you will find the latest windsurfing kits of the year with over 70 JP-Australia boards and around 100 NeilPryde and Severn sails. The freeride sails are mounted on SDM masts; the wave sails are mounted on RDM masts (all of 75% carbon min.).

location de planche a voile

You can also reserve your premium gear: JP “pro edition”.
The ProCenter 2 is situated less than 30m away from the sea, which makes accessing the water very easy.

Our professional team will hand you customize material matching the current wind condition. They will also gladly give you any information about the centre and help you to setting your gear.

Don’t hesitate to ask them for help if you wish to learn a new move or simply improve your level.

Windmill windsurf center

This center is more sheltered from the wind than the ProCenter 1 & 2, the Windmill Center is located within 500 meters walking distance from the Blue Horizon Hotel.

This center provides optimum learning conditions for beginners, as it lies shielded from the strong winds and the stronger waves of the bay. It is a friendly center offering many surfing opportunities for all levels.

windsurf lesson
Gaastra center

The center stores 50 boards from Tabou, you will find beginners, freeride and wave equipment accompanied with more than 70 Gaastra sails ranging between 1.0m up to 8,2m.

All Sails are rigged with over 75% carbon masts.

As the center is located right at the sea, you might change your gear as often as you like.


From the first step in our sport to the freestyler, the ProCenter can offer you all the your need,our professional team will analyze your level and give you the appropriate program needed.

We also provide windsurfing clinic during your stay which will give you the best opportunity to increase your level in a short time, the theory, the video analysis and the professional tuition can’t fail!

Tryout course of 4 hours
Beginners course of 8 hours
Kids private course up till 13 years old of 3 x 1 hour
Tryout course of 1 hours kids up till 13 years old
1,5 Private hour
4 Private hours


Special at the Procenter

Improve your skills with our special clinic during your stay: up to 7 hours
2 hours semi-private
4 hours semi-private
Special at the Procenter
Improve your skills with our special clinic
during your stay: up to 10 hours

Equipment and prices


Procenter Rhodes

Procenter 1

Find the wide rang of Fanatic & Tabou boards with Duotone sails here. At this center you can choose between the Basic, High-Tech and Premium line.

See our list of equipment here

Fanatic Boards

Viper                                                   91, 85

Gecko Hrs                                        156+, 148, 135, 120, 110, 100, 98

Blast Hrs

147, 132, 117

Freewave                                          115, 105, 95, 85

Tabou Boards

Coolrider                                   230, 190

Bullit                                             185

Fanatic Boards

Blast Ltd                                           147, 132, 117, 100

Gecko Ltd                                        148, 135, 122, ECO & Ltd 110, 100, 98

Freewave TE                                     115, 105, 95, 85, 76

Triwave TE                                       86, 79

Tabou Boards

Rocket Ltd                                        145, 135, 125, 115, 113+, 105, 103+

3S Ltd                                                 117, 116+, 106+, 96+, 86+

Pocket Wave 

             86, 78


Tabou Boards

Rocket Team                             145, 135, 125, 123+, 115, 105

3S CIF                                               117, 97


S_PACE performance cam

E_PACE performance no-cam

SUPER STAR wave draft forward

SUPER HERO wave draft centered

NOW smaller-frame rider

DRIVE_CLOTH schooling

Procenter Rhodes

Procenter 2

Find the wide rang of JP boards with Neilpryde and Severn sails.
At this center you can choose between the High-Tech and Premium line.

See our list of equipment here

Jp Super ride Es                             139, 124, 116, 113, 102

Jp Magic Ride Es                           159, 149, 139, 129, 119, 109

Jp All Ride Fws                               116

Jp Freestyle Wave Fws                 104, 94, 86

Jp Super ride Lxt                             146, 139, 124, 116, 113, 102, 92

Jp Magic Ride Lxt                           119, 109, 99

Jp Super Sport Lxt                         133, 122, 111

Jp All Ride Pro                               116, 106, 96

Jp Freestyle Wave Lxt                 104, 94, 84, 79

Jp Freestyle Pro                                105, 101


V8 performance cam

Speedster performance no-cam

Ryde freeride

Wizzard freestyle

Atlas power wave

Combat wave

Procenter Rhodes

Procenter 3

Find the wide range of Tabou boards with Gaastra sails.
At this center you can choose between the Basic and High-Tech line.

See our list of equipment here

Tabou boards

Coolrider                                   230, 190


205, 200, 170

Bullit                                             185

Rocket                                          145, 135, 125, 123+, 115, 105

3S                                                   97

Tabou boards

Rocket Ltd                                145, 135, 125, 115, 105, 103+

3S CIF                                                117, 116+, 107, 106+, 97, 86+


Matrix performance no-cam

Hybrid freeride

Pilot freemouve

IQ neutral wave riding

Pure freestyle

Manic wave riding

 Foxx smaller-frame rider

Freetime schooling


See the pre-booking price here, the reservation must be at least 10 days before your arrival, the local price are about 10% more.


Standard equipment
for 1 week
  • 455€ for 2 weeks
  • 560€ for 3 weeks


Team edition and LTD
for 1 week
  • 530€ for 2 weeks
  • 640€ for 3 weeks


JP Pro Edition and Tabou CIF or Team
for 1 week
  • 560€ for 2 weeks
  • 700€ for 3 weeks


Located in a quiet beach

Kiteboarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world – for good reasons. Kitesurfers can enjoy the freedom of jumping 10, 20, 30ft off the water – even without any waves. Back home they can still enjoy kiteboarding on a lake nearby and keep flying through the air…

Our KiteCenter is located in Kremasti, only 2 kms away from Ialyssos (free transfer available) in a lovely bay stretching along an ideally quiet beach on the west coast. There are no swimmers, and a long, clear shore-line provide perfect conditions for learning how to kitesurfing.

At the Center, you can enjoy our equipment from Duotone kiteboarding. Our professional team of is always there to assist you in launching and landing, and accompanies you on jet-bikes in the water.

 We offer Kitesurfing lessons in small groups of 4-6 people. Trained instructors introduce you to theory and practice on the beach before you train in the water.

The first stage is taught on the beach with the Helix Training kite. With the latest teaching methods you will master the body drag, water start, riding and steering the kite.


At Rodos Kite Pro Center we pride ourselves in our state of the art equipment.

We use the latest Duotone Kites and Boards always winners in tests.

Choose your board and Kite from a huge 2020 Duotone Kiteboarding selection available in many sizes.

The Duotone Kiteboarding Trust Bars, the most progressive and effective tool to steer your Kite (5th Element or Quad Control or Wakestyle) are available at Air Riders.

Safety Rescue is available at any time.

If you bring your own equipment, we can store it for you.

Check details and suitable to you gear at:

DUOTONE Kiteboarding


1 Hour Rental (including equipment insurance)                50€

5 Hour Card (including equipment insurance)                 200€

10 Hour Card (including equipment insurance)               350€

1 Day Rental (including equipment insurance)                110

½ Day Rental (including equipment insurance)                 90€

1 Week Rental Full equipment (6 days)                            335€

2 Weeks Rental Full equipment (12 days)                       520

Board only (50% of full rental price)

Kite Only (70% of full rental price)

Kite Surf-Service-Package (Transfer, baywatch & rescue included)

1 Week Storage                                                                   120

2 Weeks Storage                                                                 190€

3 Weeks Storage                                                                 240€

BEACH ACCESS (rescue included)

1 day                                                                                       15€

1 week                                                                                    50€

2 weeks                                                                                  90€

Or contact us directly trough our contact form: