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The wing foil is a quite remarkable discipline which is situated between windsurfing, kitesurfing and sup.

In addition to being accessible, it does not require bulky equipment or large spaces. Moreover, the wing practitioners invade little by little the surf and kite spots.

The wing foil seduces more and more people who want to discover the foil and go to the discovery of new spots until now inaccessible to kite or surf.

Come to ride with us at the ProCenter!

Wing foil center

Our center is fully equipped with newest material from Fanatic-Duotone, Jp-Neipryde and Tabou-Gaastra.

Book your training session or simply rent.

Our easy access to deep enough water will provide you with the advantage to set off directly from the shore.

Get the combi-offer to enjoy windsurfing and wing-foil during your stay!


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